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We have moved to a new location. Come visit us for a coffee in Arlesheim, and we will show you what's new.

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Mission and

At our company, we pride ourselves on doing things properly, with enthusiasm, dependability, equity, openness, dedication, and enjoyment. We prioritize communicating with our clients on an equal footing and fulfilling our commitments at all times. But we prefer to refer to them as friends instead of customers. Our company excels in creating a mutual relationship built on trust. To maintain such a relationship, we are willing to go the extra mile. This guarantees that you can have confidence in any announcements made by us.

Our secret? Creativity

We never take the easy route. Instead, we carefully analyze, research, create and test until we identify the solution that perfectly suits your business and sets it apart from the competition. And because it's often the little things that make the biggest difference, we pay special attention to detail. This is how we attain exceptional outcomes that go beyond the norm.

More BAAAM for
digital Marketing

Seeking guidance to navigate the labyrinth of digital marketing? Your search stops here! With appropriate tactics and measures, we ensure your website garners the recognition it deserves. And not just briefly, but for an extended period: through captivating design, compelling content, and peak performance. In simpler terms, with the BAAAM! impact.

Analysis & Consulting

We assist in developing your digital marketing strategy while ensuring integration, consistency, and effectiveness across channels, platforms, formats, and guidelines. We carefully analyze your corporate, brand, and marketing objectives before developing a comprehensive design concept and technical specifications.

Technical Concept

After analyzing your website, we proceed to the technical phase. With the help of wireframes and sitemaps, we break down complex ideas into manageable parts and determine the best way to bring your vision to life. Therefore, we ensure that we select the best system to elevate your business. Our team of developers implements these ideas to ensure they're executed flawlessly. Therefore, we ensure that we select the best system to elevate your business.

System Selection

Therefore, we ensure that we select the best system to elevate your business. When it comes to digital marketing, the system you use plays a crucial role in determining its success. It is recommended not to make a random selection because there are significant disparities between a basic HTML webpage and a comprehensive content management system. We assist you in navigating the multitude of options and discovering the optimal solution.

UI/UX Experience

Our concern lies not only with customer satisfaction but also with user experience. After all, a successful website is distinguished by the satisfaction of its users as they navigate through it. But how can we accomplish this? By designing a user interface (UI) that is both attractive and user-friendly, catering to all devices ranging from smartphones to desktops.

Content Creation

"Content is king" has become a popular saying. This is because SEO-optimised texts, expressive photographs, animations and videos bring a website to life. To achieve this, we collaborate to define appropriate language and stylistic devices to create authentic brand content based on briefings or your preferences. If not, let us introduce them to you.


Have you heard of Symfony, HTML 5, React or Vue.js? Our certified developers possess the necessary expertise to identify the most suitable systems for achieving your goals. They foster positive user experiences throughout each stage of the customer journey, thus catering to all aspects of your digital marketing requirements. Our services also extend to interface development and connection, where necessary.

SEA Campaigns

Is there such a thing as advertising without wastage? However, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) represents the pinnacle of digital marketing. We can assist you with everything from analyzing keywords to designing your advertisement. Even after the campaign concludes, we make regular keyword set reviews as well as monthly ad performance reports.

Social Media-

However, simply having a social media presence isn't sufficient. Social Media Marketing has made it easier than ever to engage with your customers. Like in real life, you need to generate and maintain contacts. If you desire, we can handle your community management, as well as monitor, track, and report on your activities.

Branding & Product

As experienced branding professionals, we also provide guidance on naming and logo creation. Our designers and copywriters develop a consistent corporate identity with a complementary visual scheme. We move away from outdated, traditional methods and towards holistic, online-first strategies. This is how we develop a corporate branding that looks equally impressive on your letterhead and in your digital marketing efforts.


The packaging we create is aimed to make a lasting impact on your customers' minds. Perhaps it's our fondness for indulging in chocolates and sweets, or maybe it's our passion for crafting designs that captivate at first glance. Either way, thanks to our packaging expertise, we can cater to your diverse interests. Rest assured, our knowledge of appropriate materials and printing techniques guarantees success even for the most challenging projects.

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