New Address!

We have moved to a new location. Come visit us for a coffee in Arlesheim, and we will show you what's new.

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More then a normal agency

Our services extend beyond that of a regular advertising agency. Although our years of expertise have allowed us to gain extensive knowledge, we don't do everything on our own. Instead, we enlist the right experts to assist with your project, ensuring the achievement of the iconic BAAAM effect. Your benefit: You have a single point of contact. But rest assured, only experts will handle your communication requirements.

Christian Schober
Chief Executive Officer Head of Strategy.

For intricate projects, Christian is the ideal contact because he will proficiently navigate you through the digital wilderness. He has been self-employed since 2000 and has co-owned an agency since 1997. In addition to possessing a wealth of concentrated expertise, he also has exceptional connections to pioneering thinkers. Whenever advantageous, he brings them onboard - but only as many as required, and no less than the best qualified for the job.

Davide Bonina
Senior UI &
Visual Designer.

We have an immense advantage with David on our team, as his creativity knows no bounds. He dissects your company to unveil pearls of wisdom that will enhance your website, social media, and digital strategy. David recognises that Marketing 4.0 must primarily be effective in selling. As such, he exclusively suggests solutions that are proven to work, making us stand out among other agencies.

Team Development.

An agency, focused on digital communication, requires experienced professionals. Development partner agencies, with both male and female experts, take on this role, whether it's for a complete platform upgrade, a web application, or a simple website optimization. These experts not only keep up with the latest trends and technologies but also assure an optimal user experience.


Trust us from being your creative agency to digital sparring partner

Trust us from being your creative agency to digital sparring partner


Our Success Network.

Boasts a team of developers who specialize in digital design, strategy, and intelligent production. Our network includes a wide range of experts in fields such as graphic design, text, photography, video, illustration, and translation, among others. Despite their diverse talents, they share a common value: the drive to prioritize your needs.